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Discovering the World Through Language

The department of world languages and cultures gives students a global view of the world that puts the language and culture of others at the forefront. We strive to prepare students who can order dim sum in Chinese in Beijing, navigate the map of the Paris métro in French, or discuss the complexities of the euro zone in Spanish while in Madrid.

The department offers specialized programs in French and Spanish leading to either a major or minor. Japanese language students can elect to take an interdisciplinary minor in Japanese Studies; and students of Chinese may take part in the College’s new Asian Studies minor.

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World Languages and Cultures

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World Languages and Cultures

350 Spelman Lane, S.W.
Atlanta, GA. 30314


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Jobs for Language Enthusiasts

Creating a new generation of globally-aware graduates, the World Languages and Cultures programs open opportunities in teaching, Foreign Service, human rights agencies, social work and community service organizations, international corporations, international business and sales, consulting, interpreting, journalism, and the medical and legal fields, just to mention a few examples.

"Taking French at Spelman helped me in my first assignment overseas," said Ruth A. Davis, C’65, retired member of the U.S. Foreign Service, whose first assignment was Zaire, which is now the Congo.  "Perhaps the most exciting career to which one could aspire, the Foreign Service gives one the opportunity to represent America abroad and offers exposure to different cultures and languages."

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