French Major Requirements

Earn Your Major in French

A French Major at Spelman College offers reading, writing, speaking, listening and culturally enriched courses. Additionally, Spelman offers many opportunities for students to study abroad.

French Class

French Tutors

Free peer tutoring is available each semester to students of French. Contact the Student Success Program for more information.


There are funds available for Spelman’s summer study programs through the James S. Gates scholarship. Application forms are available in the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

French Major

Department Contact Info

World Languages and Cultures

350 Spelman Lane, S.W.
Atlanta, GA. 30314


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The French major consists of 11 courses (44 hours) above the 200-level, plus the Senior Comprehensive Exam (1 hour P/F).

French Major (45 credits)

Required Courses

  • SFLF 302 Francophone Cinema (4 hours)
  • SFLF 303 French Conversation (4 hours)
  • SFLF 306 Adv. Grammar & Composition I (4 hours)
  • SFLF 307 Adv. Grammar & Composition II (4 hours)
  • SFLF 308 Intro to Literary studies (4 hours)
  • SFLF 309 Survey of French Lit. (4 hours)
  • SFLF 310 Survey of French Lit. II (4 hours)
  • SFLF 311 Survey of Francophone Lit (4 hours)
  • SFLF 321 French Civilization (4 hours)
  • SFLF 322 French/Francophone Civilization (4 hours)
  • SFLF 478 Special Topics (4 hours)
  • SFLF 485 Senior Comprehensive (1 hour)

Study Abroad

French major and minor students are strongly encouraged to spend time in a French-speaking country. Spelman offers many opportunities for students to study abroad. Contact a French faculty member for more information.

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