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Spelman BDT Suites

Room Assignment Process

Rooms and Meals

Room rates are determined by the type a room that a student is assigned to. Room types consist of the following:

  • Single room in a traditional residence hall
  • Shared room in a traditional residence hall (double, triple, quad or supplemental housing)
  • Suites: 2-person, 3-person and 4-person suites with private sleeping rooms and
    shared bathroom, sitting area and kitchenette.

All students who live on campus are required to have a dining plan. There is one meal plan available for students assigned to traditional residence halls. Students assigned in the BDT Suites may choose between two dining plans. For more information about meal plans and dining services, please visit Dining Services.

Costs for rooms and meal plans can be found on our Tuition and Fees page.

Create Your Home Away From Home

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The process of securing your on-campus room assignment varies based upon your student classification and student type. The process for any student will begin on the Spelman Housing Dashboard. All students interested in living on campus for a full academic year will complete a Spelman housing application and sign the Spelman College Housing Lease.

Students who will be new, first-time students will need to complete a housing application by a May 1 deadline to be eligible to live on campus. After the deadline, admission status is verified. All new, first-time students with housing applications who have also accepted their admission and deposited with Spelman are eligible to participate in housing selection. Eligible students will be notified of the date and time that they may assign themselves for their first year at Spelman.

Spelman students who are already taking classes and wish to live on campus for an upcoming academic year will complete a housing application, sign the Spelman College Housing Lease and immediately assign themselves from among available rooms when housing selection is announced for them. This typically occurs in March of the spring semester.

Whether a student is a new student or continuing student, it is very important to communicate with any desired roommate/suitemate to coordinate room selection in the hopes that you may live together. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every student will be able to live with a preferred roommate or in their preferred residence hall.

Spring Semester Assignment
Any student who wishes to live on campus beginning in a spring semester will complete a housing application expressing this interest. There is no guarantee that all requests can be met as available rooms for the spring semester are limited. Available space is dependent upon the number of students who cancel their assignment and move out of campus housing at the end of the fall semester. Housing applications for a spring semester assignment are typically available to students in the first week of November.

First-year Residency Requirement

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Spelman College believes that the development of its sisterhood is entrenched in its history and traditions, academic excellence, and strong co-curricular program. To ensure that all Spelman College students receive a strong foundation and develop as Spelman women, all traditional first-year, first-time students are required to live on campus. There may be compelling circumstances that would warrant exception and release from the residency requirement. The residency exemption request process is intended to provide an avenue for those students who meet basic criteria for exemption.

Submitting a residency exemption request does not guarantee a release from your housing lease. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please do not make other living arrangements until you have been notified of the outcome of your request. Requests for exemption must be initiated by the student online through the Housing Dashboard. Parents or other involved parties may not initiate the request. The residency exemption request form will become available on May 1st. Students must first complete the required housing application to access the request form.

Exemption Categories - Some request categories are only considered PRIOR to the start of an academic year as indicated below.

  1. Age – prior to academic year only; deadline August 1
  2. Commuter – prior to academic year only; deadline August 1
  3. Family Status Financial Hardship
  4. Medical

Residency Exemption Request Instructions

Medical Accommodations and Your Room Assignment

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Any student who requires a medical accommodation for their room assignment must submit the appropriate documentation to the Spelman College Student Access Center. To maintain your medical privacy, no forms or medical information should be sent to the Housing and Residence Life office.

For general information on the typical accommodations available and eligibility guidelines, please download the Accessibility in Spelman College Residence Halls.

A student must complete the Student Access Center Application and have a healthcare provider complete the Verification Form.

These forms and guidelines on required documentation may be retrieved online at the Student Access Center Registration and Renewal web page.

Commuter Student Resources

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Here at Spelman, we are unable to house all students and some prefer off-campus living. Many juniors, seniors and nontraditional students live off campus and commute anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes from campus. To help you balance academic, personal, work, social and community engagement responsibilities, we have special accommodations for you. There are many off-campus housing resources available to Spelman students. For further information, please visit Commuter Students.