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Spelman Living and Learning Communities

Living & Learning Communities

What is a Living Learning Community?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that connect students with a similar interest. Each LLC is unique, but all are centered on a distinctive theme or focus area. Students who choose to live in an LLC have a close connection with their peers, intentional events, programs, and dedicated staff members who work to make the community a success. While the living and learning community participants are housed within the residence halls, their acceptance and participation in the various programs are managed by departments outside of residence life. Click for each community to see additional program information.        

Is a living learning community for you? Take a look at our community highlights to see.

Honors Program LLC
A rich history of scholarship, a network of academic support, the fostering of intellectual leadership

Bonner Scholars Program LLC
Connect with fellow leaders, engage in meaningful service work, leadership development activities

Social Justice Program LLC
Focus on social justice advocacy, academic resource center, faculty and alumnae mentoring

Wisdom Center LLC
Student-focused leadership development, pursue questions in a supportive environment, connection between faith, academics and career