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Summer Online Courses

Students can register by logging into BANNER Self-Service and accessing the ADD/DROP Courses Menu.  Students must select Summer 2019 under the TERM drop down.  PINS currently are not required to register for Summer Online Courses.


The Online Learning Advantage

Spelman College offers online summer courses to provide Atlanta University Center (AUC) students with the same outstanding educational experience they get during the academic year, while they fulfill general education or prerequisite course requirements.


One of the benefits of taking classes online is flexibility. Some of our courses are synchronous or “live,” which means that everyone in the class is online at the same time. Other courses are fully asynchronous, where students log on according to their schedule. Still other courses have components of both. Look for those designations with the course descriptions.  Another benefit of Spelman's online courses is that class sizes are limited, which helps to maintain our goal of quality over quantity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Online Course Tuition

The tuition for Spelman's online learning courses is very affordable at $1,550 per 4-credit course.  Pell grant funds can be applied to tuition.


Acceptable forms of payment are check, credit card or debit card. Payment must be made within 24 hours upon registering. Registrations not paid within 24 hours will be canceled, and the space will be offered to a wait listed student.  REFUNDS will not be offered once the official class start date has occurred (June 3).

Payment Process

Once course selection has been completed, students will need to log into the Student Accounts Office Payment Suite to pay for course.  The Student Accounts Suite is a secured, password protected, 24-7 service offered to students and their authorized users for managing their student account.

Learning Platform

Spelman's online courses are taught using the learning management system Moodle and include a variety of multimedia tools and resources. To ensure you can successfully access the multimedia tools in your courses, we recommend that you use a standard PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, headset and microphone.

Summer Online Course Availability

Access is available once registration is complete. Students will have access to their Moodle course at least one week before the start of the semester/session. Students who register for a course after the start of the session will be able to access their Moodle course 24 hours after their registration has been processed.

Synchronous Learning vs. Asynchronous Learning

Synchronous Learning and Asynchronous Learning refer to the type of online experience -- although they have their differences, both refer to time.

Synchronous Learning

  • Require both the students and professor to be online at the same time
  • Lectures, discussions, and presentations occur at a specific hour
  • All students must be online at that specific hour in order to participate

Asynchronous Learning

  • Allows students to take online courses on your own schedule
  • Instructors provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time
  • Students may be given a time frame, however, in which work must be completed

Hybrid Learning

  • A mixture of both asynchronous and synchronous learning
  • Each course description will indicate what hours are synchronous
  • Synchronous times could be used for office hours, testing, or class discussion

Technical Support

Students enrolled in summer online classes at Spelman can contact Help Desk Support for technical assistance.

Help Desk Hours: 8 a.m-11 p.m. EST |  Monday-Friday
Phone: 404-270-5400