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eSpelman Online Certificates offer flexible upskilling programs with immediate career impact for the working adult learner. Delivering first-in-class programming, eSpelman is designed to fit the busy lifestyle and schedule of the 21st-century student.

Extending the Spelman Magic Beyond the Campus Gates

eSpelman offers working adults the opportunity to learn in an environment that was designed for diverse learners. Each certificate program is designed to teach skills and educate students through a perspective that incorporates the "Spelman Magic" – a first-rate, high-touch education with an approach that acknowledges conversations around race, class, gender and social justice as foundational, regardless of the course subject matter.

All of the eSpelman Certificates and courses are designed by Spelman College faculty members.

Accepting applications for Term 4

  • Application opens: August 11, 2023
  • Application closes: September 29, 2023
  • Term begins: October 16, 2023
  • Term ends: December 15, 2023

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  • Business Communications

eSpelman + Guild

We are excited to offer eSpelman certificates through Guild Education, which partners with leading U.S. employers to offer education and upskilling as an employee benefit. Check out our informational page to learn more about the application process and purchasing books.

Information for Guild Learners

Why Choose eSpelman?

  • We are Committed to Academic Quality and Student Success
    Student success drives us to continuously earn a worldwide reputation for academic excellence and innovation.

  • We Enhance Results-Driven Curriculum with Unique HBCU Pedagogy
    Our competency-based learning mode acknowledges conversations around race, class, gender, and social justice.

  • We Balance Flexibility and Rigor to Advance Equity
    Our flexible structure promotes deep, meaningful learning in courses to support all students to meet high standards.

  • We Provide Personalized Education and An Engaged Community
    Our first-rate faculty maintain close interaction and encourage peer learning to build a collaborative online community.

  • We Treat Students as Professionals and with Respect
    Our high-touch teaching helps students develop a growth mindset and guides students towards work and life success.

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We Offer a Range of Programs and Specializations

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