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Physics is the natural science that studies matter, motion, and energy and deals with the structure and interactions of the observable universe. Physics is one of the fundamental scientific disciplines, studying particles of the smallest scales, such as quarks, to the largest galactic clusters.

The primary goal of the physics program is to lay a strong foundation in the knowledge, practice, and applications of physics so that students will be scientifically competent and develop critical thinking skills needed for all her endeavors. The courses strongly support majors in other fields such as chemistry, computer information sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

Studying Matter, Energy and Their Interactions

While Asha Nurse-Clifford received her doctorate in the mechanics of solids from Brown University’s School of Engineering in 2010, it is Spelman she says that fortified her physics and mathematics abilities.

“Through coursework I developed great analytical thinking skills as well as independent study habits and time management skills that greatly helped in graduate school and beyond,” said the Spelman summa cum laude 2005 physics graduate. 

“My knowledge on some subjects exceeded that of my peers, but more importantly, I was confident and articulate. I attribute this to our class presentations at Spelman.”

Lauding the small class sizes, labs, tutors, study groups, and the ability to attend conferences on and off campus as well as summer research programs, the NIST-ARRA postdoctoral fellow credits the Spelman physics department’s individualized attention and dedicated professors for her success.

Video created by Ebone' Monk with Mekhakhem Kheperu on conducting G-STEM research in Chennai, India.

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