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Awareness & Educational Initiatives

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

At Spelman College, we believe in the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for all of our community members. To that end, we have partnered with Everfi to provide trainings that will help us all be informed on topics vital to achieving our goal. These trainings, in addition to being highly interactive and engaging, are based in research around the best practices for healthy communities. The modules on sexual violence will provide statistics, definitions and bystander skills and strategies.

Research indicates that one in five college women will experience some form of non-consensual sexual activity by graduation. Additionally, one in 71 men will experience rape at some point in their lives, with one in six victimized with sexually abusive experiences by the age of 18. The widespread impact of sexual violence on students presents an urgent and pressing challenge for the nation's campuses. Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, which impact countless college students across the country.

All new students will receive an email from Everfi with registration information during their first semester at Spelman College.

Title IX Training Content Disclosure

The 2020 Title IX Regulations, specifically 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10), mandate the public sharing of materials used to train Spelman College’s Title IX team members, including the Title IX Coordinator, investigators, decision-makers and advisers. As additional training is completed by Title IX team members, those materials will be added to this page throughout the year.  

Institutional Compliance Solutions
Title IX 101
Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Investigator Level 1
Title IX Decision Maker Level 1
Title IX Advisor
Title IX Informal Resolution
Title IX Appellate Decision Maker

Association of Title IX Administrators
Investigator One Materials
2020 Title IX Regulations as a Checklist
The ATIXA Guide to Sanction Student Sexual Misconduct Violations
20 Minute to Trained: Appeals
20 Minutes to Trained: Due Process
20 Minutes to Trained: Assessing Credibility
20 Minutes to Trained: Deliberations
20 Minutes to Trained: Questioning
20 Minutes to Trained Stalking
20 Minutes to Trained: Understanding Sexual Violence
20 Minutes to Trained: Intimate Partner Violence
20 Minutes to Trained: Applying Preponderance of Information

Spelman Policy Training
Process Pool Training (PDF)

Partnership Against Domestic Violence
Trauma Informed Training (PDF)