Spelman College Relaunches Big/Little Sister Exchange to Foster Mentorship and Lifelong Sisterhood

Students walking at Sisters Chapel


Applications are now open for Spelman’s new Big/Little Sister Program, which is open to all students and meant to provide guidance, mentorship and camaraderie for first-year incoming students.

At the heart of this program lies the commitment of the big sisters — the upperclassmen who will provide wisdom gleaned from their own experiences to incoming little sisters. Big sisters will not only serve as mentors; but as are friends, confidantes and role models to help little sisters navigate the multifaceted journey of college life.

Arvelle Hodge, associate director of Student Life and Housing and the Big/Little Sister program coordinator, expressed great enthusiasm for the program, highlighting its potential to forge strong community ties and inspire new Spelman students through mentorship and support.

“The launch of our new Big Sister/Little Sister exchange program is sparking tremendous excitement and enthusiasm,” she said. “This initiative promises to create meaningful connections, offering incoming first year Spelmanites invaluable guidance and inspiration from their big sisters. By fostering these special relationships, we are seeking to build a stronger community and inspire the next generation of Spelmanites. Together, we're paving the way for brighter futures and stronger bonds.”

The program officially begins at start of the academic year in August. The pairs will be matched and will regularly engage in interactions, encompassing check-ins, activities, and events designed to fortify their bonds. The relationships nurtured within this framework ensure that every new member feels a sense of belonging, connection and support. This is pivotal in enhancing their collegiate experience.

Elise Olivia Simpson, C’ 2026, has shown considerable excitement about the program. Simpson plans on signing up as a big sister and is very enthusiastic about cultivating experiences with her sisters to welcome them into the Spelman fold.

"Spelman has bestowed upon me an invaluable gift — the gift of sisterhood,” said Simpson. “Through Spelman's Big Sister/Little Sister program, the enduring spirit of this sisterhood is nurtured, ensuring that its legacy will thrive for generations to come."

Students interested in participating in the program can sign up using the links below. The application deadline is June 30, 2024.

Little Sisters form

Big Sisters form