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Takes You to the Four Corners of the World

At Spelman College, biology is more than simply learning about the human anatomy and how living organisms function. When Spelman students pursue a degree in biology, they also receive an education with impact, earning them the distinction of becoming global citizens. Through study abroad opportunities, many students travel to countries such as Australia, South Africa, Japan, India, China, England, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Spain. While in those countries, students study the marvels of marine biology, explore unique sea life, help create safe water facilities, build hospitals and schools in Africa, and also perform research on maternal/child health.

Such study abroad opportunities serve to debunk the myth that biology students are too busy to participate in activities normally associated with nonscience majors.

The biology department engages students as thinkers and encourages the development of lifelong skills of investigation and knowledge construction. Committed to preparing young women of African descent for graduate and professional studies in the sciences, the biology department provides excellent training and preparation for students interested in advanced biomedical training or graduate studies in the sciences. Biology students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by volunteering in labs.

Most Popular Program on Campus

Nationally recognized for its role in training women of color for graduate and professional studies in the sciences, Spelman’s biology department is one of the highest contributors of African-American students to our nation’s medical schools. 

As one of the most popular programs on campus, the biology department maintains more than 300 majors, and graduates approximately 70 majors annually. In addition to completing their standard coursework, more than half of the College’s majors gain substantial research experience as part of their science training, through collaborative research with Spelman faculty or through participation in summer undergraduate research programs nationally and internationally. 

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