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Research Training Opportunities

 A number of programs are currently in place that sponsor student research training both on and off campus. A listing and brief descriptions of each program are shown below. It is suggested that the Program Director (P.D.) be contacted for more information regarding the specific requirements of a given program. Several faculty members have individual research projects and offer interested students additional research training opportunities.

Student Research Training Opportunities
ASPIRE (Advancing Spelman’s Participation in Informatics Research and Education Program)Students can apply to work in Collaborative Interdisciplinary Informatics Research Teams in specific research areas of informatics involving chemistry, environmental science, biology, mathematics, and/or computer science. Contact: Dr. Leyte Winfield, P.D.

MARC (Minority Access to Research Careers) U*STAR Program
Provides support and research opportunities for honors students in the AUC interested in pursuing Ph.D. degrees in the biomedical sciences; selection is made in the junior or senior year. Contact: Dr. Lisa Hibbard, Spelman Liaison or Dr. Isabella Finkelstein (CAU), P.D.

NASA/ExxonMobil Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program
Offers support and research training to students interested in science and engineering careers. Students engage in summer internships at NASA or ExxonMobil. Contact: Dr. Cornelia Gillyard, P.D. (NASA WISE) or Dr. Leyte Winfield, P.D. (ExxonMobil WISE)

RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) Program
A structured biomedical research training program for students interested in pursuing biomedical research careers/Ph.D. degrees in a biomedically-related discipline. Development training and research training at all student levels. Contact: Dr. Dolores Bradley, P.D.



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Training Cosmetic Scientists 

The Cosmetic Science program at Spelman was initially conceived as a non-traditional educational opportunity for adult learners seeking to expand their technical credentials.

The program has expanded to include traditional undergraduate students by offering a chemistry major in cosmetic chemistry and a minor in cosmetic science. The program provides a culturally relevant perspective of beauty and beauty practices that resonate with Spelman’s student population. Specifically, the program focuses on the molecular sciences related to product formulation and development, providing a fundamental understanding of the origin, structure, and function of ingredients.

A hallmark of the program is its capacity to translate Spelman’s success into a culturally relevant model for developing skills in a STEM area under-explored at undergraduate institutions, namely cosmetic science. It is envisioned that focusing on cosmetic science, an area lacking the type of intersectional knowledge women scientists of African descent can provide, will produce strategies for nurturing leaders, experts, and scholars in beauty.