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Spelman Students on Campus

Class Council

The Spelman Student Government Association (SSGA) is composed of student representatives who meet regularly to discuss matters of general concern regarding students. The assembly acts as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff and administration.

Representatives present proposals, programs, activities and resolutions that reflect the tenor of student opinion. They also seek to further sisterhood among Spelman women as well as to help students gain an understanding of themselves, our society and our heritage. In addition to discussing educational and social issues confronting Spelman College students, the Student Government Association allocates funds to all student clubs and organizations to assist them with their programming and leadership needs.

For more information, please contact Spelman's Student Government Association at 404-270-5967.

2017-2018 Class Councils

First-Year Class Council 

This council enhances the growth of the freshman class through the interaction of academic, social and spiritual activities.

President | Joy Williams
Vice President |  Ariel Talbert
Administrative Director |  Rayven Peterson
Parliamentarian |  Symone Davis
Treasurer | Hunter Smith
SGA First Year Class Representative | Taryn Gill
Co-Publicity Chairs
Jasmine McCaskill, Jordan Still
Co-Social Chair | Shelby Long, Raquel Thomas
First Year Justice | Drew Phillips


Sophomore Class Council

The council unites, empowers, advances and encourages the sophomore class. They also communicate with SSGA, peers, administration and the neighboring community to create a more cohesive environment that nurtures academic, social and spiritual growth.

Vice President |  Alyssa Ardrey
Secretary |
Christian Reeder
SGA Sophomore Class Representative
Diona Richardson 
Treasurer | Venus Montgomery 
Sophomore Justice | Jamilla Clark 
Co-Social Chairs | Tashiana Tucker, Logan Brown
Co-Publicity Chairs | Ashley Horton, Jada Wilson
Parliamentarian | Margie Ruffin

Junior Class Council

This council serves the junior class through community service and enrichment activities. They also serve as a voice to the administration and community through representation.

President |  Alyssa Daniel
Vice President | Loren Cobbs
Secretary | Kourtney Johnson
SGA Junior Class Representative | Askhari Little
Treasurer | Hattie Gaines
Junior Justice |
Dominique Shorter 
Co-Social Chairs |  Mikia Frazier, Kaylah Holmes 
Co-Publicity Chairs
Adesuwa Joseph, Adrienne Taylor 
Parliamentarian | Amijah Townsend-Holmes


Senior Class Council

This council serves as a voice for the senior class. In addition, the organization gathers suggestions from the class regarding class activities such as graduation and represents class concerns to the Spelman administration.”

President |
  Briana Whitmore
Vice President |
Jordan Branch
Secretary |
Camille Black
SGA Senior Class Representative
Jordan Robinson
Treasurer | Nia Massey
Class Justice |
Zainab Kabia
Co-Social Chair | Ashley Davis ,Arriyanna Patton
Co-Publicity Chair
Kendall Perkins, Kristen Gordon
Parliamentarian |  Katelyn Williams