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Spelman Student Government Association

Spelman Student Government Association

Our Mission

The Spelman Student Government Association (SSGA) is a body composed of elected and appointed student representatives which meets regularly to discuss matters of general concern regarding students. The assembly acts as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff and administration by presenting proposals, programs, activities and resolutions that reflect the tenor of student opinion.

The SSGA also seeks to foster sisterhood among Spelman women as well as to help students gain an understanding of themselves and society. Spelman College is committed to building a community of Black women who are leaders of tomorrow. The College strongly encourages each woman to get involved in the various committees, programs and activities sponsored by the SSGA.

A Message From Your SSGA President

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Dear Spelman Sisters & Siblings,

Jillian Jackson SSGA PresidentOn behalf of the 80th Student Government Association, I am beyond ecstatic serve you all during your Spelman journey. Your SGA waits eagerly with excitement to hear your concerns and lend a helping hand. As students, we understand the toll the past 20 months has taken on us all. We will continue to work to ensure your Spelman experience contributes to your academic and extracurricular needs. We would like to roll out our Virtual Advocacy Board; another way in which we can adjust together as a community.

The Student Government Association created a virtual platform that allows us to serve the student body more efficiently. The Virtual Advocacy Board (VAB) will allow students to communicate any concerns, recommendations or suggested solutions, and areas of opportunities for improvement. VAB can also be used to highlight Spelman employees or departments that have helped you during your matriculation at Spelman. Submissions will be sorted by SGA and addressed with senior team or the specific team the concern falls under.

I congratulate you all on reaching this point in the semester. Whether you are a first year, transfer, graduating senior, etc., you each excelled to make this happen. Spelman will allow you to continue to excel in the field of your choice. I advise you to believe those within the Spelman network when they say, “If you need anything, let me know.” We want to see you all at your best, and we’re willing to help. I am proud of you; we are proud of you.

This journey is unlike any other. You will undoubtedly make lifelong friends and memories. There will not be a shortage of fun, something is always happening at Spelman and in the AUC. We understand this transition back into an on-campus experiences have been exciting and overwhelming at times; however, we hope you all feel connected to our beautiful community. As the year progresses, your student leaders will work to ensure your academic year at Spelman is the best it can be. We continue to collaborate and desire to create an exciting space for all students.


Jillian Jackson, C’2022
President, 80th Student Government Association

A Message From Your SSGA Vice President

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Grace Hall SSGA VPMy name is Grace Hall, and I am incredibly humbled to serve as the 80th Student Government Association Vice President at our beloved Spelman College. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share a message with all of you.

Even though we are all now familiar with the idea of wearing masks, vaccines, social distancing, and more, we are still in unprecedented times. The tenacity and spirit of the student body here at Spelman is one that is unlike any other. We are truly undaunted by the fight and continue to flourish despite the obstacles. The strength of my fellow spelmanites is what continues to inspire me to be my best and serve my Spelman community in any way that I can.

This year, the Esteemed 80th administration of SGA has worked and continues to work tirelessly to create the best transition back to campus possible. None of the work would be possible without all of you, and every day we work to be the best representatives for you as possible. Please make your voices heard and share your ideas with us through our office hours or our social media so we can work together to continue building a fulfilling and enjoyable campus experience. Don’t ever forget that every single student at Spelman is a member of the Student Government Association, so know that your ideas and thoughts are always valued.

Finally, please remember to stay safe! We are back on campus, and things are beginning to open back up, but please continue to remain vigilant and wash your hands, wear your masks, and adhere to all public health guidelines. As long as we all stay safe and healthy together, we all can continue to enjoy our student life and on-campus experiences together.


Grace Hall
Vice President, Spelman Student Government Association

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Aisha Hitson
Aisha Hitson-Pitts, M.S.
Director of Student Life and Engagement