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Spelman Student Government Association

Our Mission

The Spelman Student Government Association (SSGA) is a body composed of elected and appointed student representatives which meets regularly to discuss matters of general concern regarding students. The assembly acts as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff and administration by presenting proposals, programs, activities and resolutions that reflect the tenor of student opinion.

The SSGA also seeks to foster sisterhood among Spelman women as well as to help students gain an understanding of themselves and society. Spelman College is committed to building a community of Black women who are leaders of tomorrow. The College strongly encourages each woman to get involved in the various committees, programs and activities sponsored by the SSGA.

A Message From Your SSGA President

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My Dear Fellow Spelmanites,  

Chandler Nutall SGA PresidentYou have trusted me with the honor of a lifetime in electing me as your 81st President of the Spelman Student Government Association (SSGA). I promise to serve in the absolute best way I know how.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so much has changed about the world, our school, and us as people. Nevertheless, I have always believed that our institution's spirit and our students' tenacity are unbreakable. With this in mind, it is my priority for SSGA to support a fruitful academic and on-campus experience at Spelman College.  

As you matriculate through our institution, you will find that the benefits of a Spelman education will sustain you for a lifetime. To fully reap these benefits, I urge each of you, regardless of classification, to give your whole self to your undergraduate experience. This includes making your voices heard and sharing your ideas with SSGA through our office hours or the Virtual Advocacy Board (VAB). SSGA works for you, and we desire nothing more than to support the College in establishing a memorable and rewarding Spelman experience.  

Each of you has chosen an institution with a rich history, glowing reputation, and global community. While you are here, do not fear being stretched outside of your comfort zone. Spelman may provide you with opportunities that clarify your career goals, or perhaps you will uncover aspects of your identity you had never discovered. Regardless of what you seek to gain from this institution, SSGA will be supporting your needs and cheering you on every step of the way.  

Yours in sisterhood,  

Chandler R. Nutall 
President, 81st Spelman Student Government Association 

A Message From Your SSGA Vice President

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My Beloved Spelman Sisters, 

Alannah Taylor SSGA Vice PresidentThank you for trusting me to be elected as your 81st Spelman Student Government Association (SSGA) Vice President. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to represent the student body and assist in maximizing the potential of our college. 

With this position, I am excited to work with the Registered Student Organizations (RSO) on campus. By hosting RSO fairs, Instagram highlights, and monthly House of Representatives (HOR) meetings, each RSO will be able to showcase its uniqueness but come together to create proposals to better our illustrious institution. 

While none of us had a typical college experience, I am blessed with the opportunity to help bring the campus back to life. Working with the Eminent 81st board, we plan to address students' concerns while bringing back traditional events lost during covid. 

Remember, your time with Spelman is limited. You will not get to relive these four sacred years once they're gone. So enjoy the friends, the sisterhood, and the memories you will create along the way. SSGA will always support the students in any capacity possible. I encourage you to join us at our weekly meetings and visit us during office hours to address any concerns. With the student body's help, I know we can work with the administration to strengthen our community. 


Alannah Taylor,
Vice President, 81st Student Government Association 

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SSGA Adviser

Aisha Hitson
Aisha Hitson-Pitts, M.S.
Assistant Dean of Students,
Director of Student Life and Engagement