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2018 Pitch Night Group


Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Spelman

Are you an entrepreneur, or have you ever dreamed of becoming one? The program offers sessions where you can learn how to start your own innovative business, find an entrepreneur mentor, and network with entrepreneurs.


What is Spelpreneur?

Spelpreneur is a co-curricular entrepreneurship education initiative opened to all Spelman students, especially those who are interested in entrepreneurship and are existing entrepreneurs. It introduces students to the fundamentals that will advance their knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship.

Competition Sponsor

JPMorgan Chase Sponsors Spelpreneur 2021 Competition at Spelman College

Program Components

Spelpreneur consists of three (3) programming components:

EDUCATE: Fundamental Series – students learn about the mindset, skills, and resources of entrepreneurship; importance of innovation; and critical steps of starting a business.

INSPIRE: Entrepreneur Chats – students engage with known entrepreneurs who openly talk about their entrepreneurial journey.

EMPOWER: 10 Day Start-up Competition – In 10 consecutive days, students form teams; identify a unique problem; work with mentors; collaborate with Spelman Innovation Lab; demonstrate how their idea presents the best solution to the problem; build a mock-up and business case; and pitch “Shark Tank” style idea.


The desired outcomes of Spelpreneur will be that students begin to develop an entrepreneurial mindset; are introduced to a framework for proving an idea as a minimum viable product (MVP); and develop mentoring relationships.

Students who participate in Spelpreneur will have a level of confidence, competence, and commitment to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities.

Spelpreneur Facts

Since the program's inception …

Spelpreneur 2019

Spelpreneur 2019

Spelpreneur 2017-18 Highlights

Spelpreneur Hosts First Pitch Night to Empower Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and tech startups are all the rage for several different reasons, and so educational institutions have to prepare their students for the future," said Joey Womack, CEO of Amplify4Good, an Atlanta-based agency that produces hackathons and innovative programs to help organizations create social impact. Womack, who served as producer and coach for Spelman’s startup competition, is correct. A 2014 Bentley University survey of millennials from ages 18 to 34 found that two-thirds are interested in starting their own businesses.

Student CEO Shares Benefits of Spelpreneur Program

Patrisha Hedgemond, C'2018, is the founder and CEO of Cultural Cosmetics, a budding beauty company based in Miami, Florida. Hedgemond started her business at 17, but as a second-year participant in the College's Spelpreneur initiative, she shares how the program has helped her elevate her business to the next level. The Coca-Cola Intergenerational Leadership Mentoring Program or Spelpreneur, offers weekly sessions where students learn how to start an innovative business, find an entrepreneur mentor, and network with entrepreneurs.

Pitch Night Photo Gallery

Spelpreneur Pitch Night 2018