The Strategic Plan for Spelman College

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Strategic Plan Vision

As the premier undergraduate institution for women of African descent, Spelman College is a center of intellectual inquiry on global issues, particularly matters impacting people in the African Diaspora. Spelman remains undaunted and recommits to our vision of transformative social justice, adapting our institutional priorities to serve current and future generations. Rooted in commitments to academic excellence, democratic ideals and positive social change, Spelman embraces innovation at local and global levels, while manifesting institutional agility to transform and consistently excel under diverse circumstances.

Pillar 1 | Empowering Excellence

Goal 1

Continue to Evolve Curriculum, Research, Pedagogy and Modality

Goal 2

Invest in People, Processes and Culture Change

Goal 3

Expand Student Access

Goal 4

Modernize and Expand Infrastructure

Pillar 2 | Inspiring Change

Goal 5

Translate and Scale Spelman’s Expertise

Goal 6

Create Greater Economic Growth and Opportunity in Surrounding Neighborhoods

Goal 7

Elevate Global Impact