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Black Girl Magic is an Advocacy Panel

black-girl-magic-advocacySpelman has a new, innovative partnership with Braven, a national nonprofit helping promising college students on a path to economic mobility. This partnership will offer all Spelman sophomores a two-part career-accelerating experience. Fellows will receive additional support to land a strong first job or enter graduate school.

This partnership is part of the Spelman Pathways: Creating Your Path to Life and Career Excellence QEP initiative, which aims to prepare students for success as college graduates as they approach and negotiate the world beyond the undergraduate experience.

“The Braven Accelerator will support this effort and create accessible and effective career pathways to jobs in the modern economy,” said Dr. Coleman. ”This partnership will allow us to help ensure that our students graduate with access to jobs that will help launch their careers.”

The Braven Experience

The Braven experience begins with a credit-bearing course that Spelmanites will take in their sophomore year. Fellows complete weekly online modules on Braven's online platform and then apply that content through weekly virtual Learning Labs in a cohort of 5-8 peers led by a Leadership Coach.

Fellows will complete assignments to grow their leadership in five professional competencies: operating and managing, problem-solving, working in teams, networking and communicating, and self-driven leading.

Upon completion, Fellows receive additional opportunities to develop leadership and career-readiness skills, engage in an enduring professional network, and stay on track to securing vital internships and jobs. These include the Professional Mentor Program, which provides students a 12-week 1:1 mentor in their desired field as they get closer to the time of the job search, access to Braven's jobs blast with internship, research assistantship, and job opportunities, and professional development and networking events such as company treks & skill builders.