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Center for Black Entrepreneurship Curriculum

The CBE Curriculum Teaches Students How to Achieve the Following ...

  • Create a business
  • Launch a start-up
  • Evolve and translate a business concept
  • Acquire an existing business and/or reposition a business
  • Scale promising innovations into commercially viable products or services
  • Connect with potential investors, including venture capital and other sources of funding

Certificate Programs Entrepreneurship for the New Entrepreneur

Course Credit Hours
Intro to Entrepreneurship 3 Required
Business Finance & Accounting 3 Required
Branding and Marketing for Entrepreneurship   
3 Required
Strategies for Start-Up and Entrepreneurial Growth  
3 Required

Advanced Entrepreneurship for the Business Owner

Course Descriptions – [ To be announced ]

Entrepreneurship Electives

  • Entrepreneurship for Black Women
  • Business Development for Minority Business Owners

Immersion Experience for Certificate Completers

Business Plan and Pitch Competition