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Spelman College Founders Day

Founders Day

APRIL 5 - 11, 2020

Spelman's Rich History

In the spring of 1879, New England teachers and missionaries, Sophia B. Packard and Harriet E. Giles journeyed south to study living conditions among freed persons. Appalled by what they found, particularly the lack of educational opportunities for females, they pledged to return to the South to open a school for Black women and girls. Many showed interest in their vision but lacked financial capital to support it. Yet, equipped with $100 from the First Baptist.

On this anniversary of our founding, Spelman College, celebrates a long-standing commitment to academic excellence and service to others, inherited from the Founders. Grounded in the vision of Packard’s charge to build “for a hundred years hence,” Spelman is unwavering in her commitment to deliver an outstanding education for our current students, while ensuring our ability to deliver on this promise for generations of students to come. Empowering leaders since 1881 through an intellectual and ethical course, we pause to pay tribute to our past.

Celebrate our Spelman Trailblazers

Relive the Moments

2019 Robing Founders Day Robing 2019
2019 Convocation Founders Day Convocation 2019
2019 FestivalFounders Day Festival 2019
Spelman's 2018 Founders Day Convocation
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Founders Day Processional 2018

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Founders Day 2017: Through Your Eyes

2017 Campus Celebration

Founders Day Celebration 2017

2017 Robing

Founders Day 2017 Robing Ceremony

2017 Convocation

Founders Day Convocation 2017

2016 Campus Celebration

Founders Day Campus Celebration 2016

2015 Video

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