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Founders Day 2022 Stronger Together Upholding Our Legacy

Founders Day

April 1 - 11, 2023

Watch Now! New Video Series Celebrating the Spelman Legacy for Founders Day 2022

In our Stronger Together: Upholding Our Legacy Video Series, hear from our students and alumnae as they share their thoughts on what Spelman's legacy means, how they uphold our legacy, and why it’s important for us to set a strong foundation for future Spelmanites to follow in our footsteps.

Watch the Video Series

What Founders Day Means to Me . . .

During the anniversary of our founding, Spelman College celebrates a long-standing commitment to academic excellence and service to others, inherited from the Founders. Grounded in the vision of Packard’s charge to build “for a hundred years hence,” Spelman is unwavering in her commitment to deliver an outstanding education for our current students, while ensuring our ability to deliver on this promise for generations of students to come. Empowering leaders since 1881 through an intellectual and ethical course, we pause to pay tribute to our past.

Founders Day 2022 Honorees