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The Teaching Resource and Research Center (TRRC) mission is to support a campus community that promotes and disseminates innovative and effective teaching practices.

Thus, the TRRC has initiated several workshop series and conversations. These include technology and pedagogy, interdisciplinarity, writing-intensive courses, contemplative pedagogy, online teaching, and using rubrics for assessment. In addition, summer workshops will enable faculty to focus on metacognition and deepen their experience with online teaching.

Finally, in addition to conversations and workshops, our goal is for the TRRC website to serve as a resource for Spelman faculty, offering links to video recordings, readings, blogs and other sources to help Spelman faculty with innovation, improvement and dissemination of their teaching strategies. Check out these training videos created to assist you with using Canvas LMS.

We have numerous faculty development workshops lined up in April, including Canvas training. Join us! Some sessions offer a stipend.

Canvas Training Videos