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Spelman College ROTC

Spelman ROTC

Spelman students are members of the ROTC programs for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Some benefit from full scholarships awarded by their military branches in exchange for a commissioned commitment and some work to pay their tuition, room and board. 

How can joining an ROTC program can help you?

Tuition Assistance
ROTC programs offer tuition assistance to cadets by granting numerous scholarships to members who qualify. This assistance can help pay for college tuition and miscellaneous fees, textbooks or other school expenses.

Leadership Skills
Skills learned in ROTC are extremely valuable whether you continue on in the respective military branch or take what you have learned into the civilian life.

Career Choices
Have a special interest or skill? The military is helpful in placing personnel in career areas that utilize specific interests, training and skills.


Students with a a desire to serve in the Army, U.S. Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard, may enter this program at any stage of their collegiate or graduate career and will be eligible for benefits to help them in their collegiate career.



nrotcMorally, mentally, and physically, this program will challenge you to push yourself to your maximum potential as you matriculate through one of the toughest HBCUs in the nation.


U.S. Marine Corp

This program prepares midshipmen to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government as officers in the Marine Corps.

NROTC Atlanta Marines

Air Force

Prepares you to become an Air Force Officer while earning a college degree. And it gives you the opportunity to get the tuition money you need. But more than that—it’s a challenge, a head start on a lifetime of success, within the Air Force and in everything you choose to do.

Air Force ROTC

The U.S. Coast Guard's CSPI Program

Provides college sophomores and juniors with valuable leadership, management, law enforcement, navigation and marine science skills and training, while fully funding up to two years of college. Following college graduation, CSPI students receive a guaranteed position at officer candidate school training.

View video of La Shanda Holmes, C'2007, the the first Black woman to be certified as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Coast Guard. She is one of 85 women aviators among the 1,200 pilots in the Coast Guard. Be inspired by Holmes' ability to excel despite the odds.

Tia Empty-Grandville Tia Empty-Grandville

Like many students, paying for college was very difficult for me. There were times when I sat in my dorm thinking, “How can I pay for school?” At one point, I received a notice saying I had to pay my fees, or I simply would not be able to return to school the next semester. During my sophomore year at Spelman, I applied for the Coast Guard’s College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative Scholarship Program. That's when things turned around for me. more>>