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Chemistry Research Student

Research Programs

All students are encouraged to take advantage of the extensive world of science and math opportunities that Spelman offers. These special programs provide research opportunities and unique experiences that take science and math out of the classroom and into the real world.

Science and Math Research Programs

Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) Program

The CURE program uses undergraduate academic research as a mechanism of student retention and engagement. We employ early career postdoctoral fellows and faculty teams to develop course-based research experiences (CRE) as a comprehensive institutional mechanism of student development. This project increases the quality and quantity of research opportunities available to Spelman students, as well as enhances the curriculum offerings related to STEM disciplines. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation’s HBCU-UP Implementation Projects Program.

Project Contacts 
Dr. Mark E. Lee:
Dr. Monica Stephens-Cooley:

ExxonMobil WISE

With funding from ExxonMobil, Spelman College is sponsoring the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Scholars Program. This program provides scientifically talented students from groups underrepresented in scientific and engineering fields with the opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies in science and engineering in the highly motivating and supportive environment of Spelman College.

Project Contact
Retina Burton:

Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching (FIRST) Program

Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching (FIRST) is a postdoctoral fellowship program funded by the National Institutes and Health (IRACDA) and directed by Dr. Doug Eaton at Emory University.

The FIRST Program provides postdoctoral fellows with mentored research experiences at Emory University or Morehouse School of Medicine, as well as mentored teaching experiences at Spelman and other Atlanta University Center institutions. FIRST Fellows at Spelman College have collaborated with faculty in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

Project Contact

Dr. Leyte Winfield:

(G-STEM) Enhancing Global Research and Education in STEM at Spelman College 

The Enhancing Global Research and Education in STEM at Spelman College (G-STEM) project seeks to prepare African American women in the STEM disciplines to be globally engaged. This will be accomplished by the establishment of a G-STEM office which will work synergistically with other offices and departments on campus to establish formal international research collaborations and develop a structured mentoring program for STEM students seeking global research experiences.

This project will increase the quality and quantity of international research opportunities available to Spelman students, as well as enhance the mentoring process between STEM students and faculty. This project is funded by NSF’s Innovation through Institutional Integration (I-cubed) Program.

Learn more about G-STEM.

Project Contact 
Dr. Kai McCormack:

Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE)

Spelman-RISE is designed to immerse students in an interdisciplinary research community that will make them more competitive for admission into the top Ph.D. programs. As women of African descent they can bring unique perspectives to the treatment, prevention, and eradication of disease, — when they complete our RISE program, they will be well equipped to change the world.

Learn more about RISE.

Project Contact
Dr. Dolores Bradley Brennan: