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TikTok @ Spelman College

We're excited to launch the College's TikTok channel and want to kick things off with your story! The last year has been very difficult, yet, Spelmanites continue to persevere. We believe it's important to chronicle what life is like for our students during the pandemic. 

If you'd like to share your story, we invite you to create a mini-film on TikTok  (one minute or less), about what your life has been like the past year.

Be real, honest and creative when sharing your story. You sisters are counting on you to highlight your authentic self.

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Before You Begin Your Spelman TikTok Creation Journey . . .

Here are a few important questions you should ask ask as you create your video:

  • What challenges have you faced?

  • What self-care tips/strategies are you practicing?

  • Have your picked up a new hobby? Business?

  • What keeps you motivated?

  • How have you maintained connectivity with fellow Spelmanites?


Music is not required, but if you chose to include it, lyrics with profanity or suggestive and violent language is prohibited. 


Wearing Spelman paraphernalia is not required, but please refrain from wearing/including paraphernalia from other colleges or brands in your footage. Turn on the mirror function to ensure Spelman isn't recorded backward when using the front-facing camera.


Lighting is very important. Be sure to face a window when recording yourself. When recording voice overs, make sure your surroundings and speak in a clear voice.

NOTE: Your submission does not guarantee you will be featured on Spelman's TikTok channel. 

See What Your Sisters Are Doing on TikTok


Spelman is on TikTok! Watch to find out how Jordan Dantzler, C’2021, has been practicing self-care during the pandemic💙 #Spelman #SpelmanCollege

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Spelman TikTok Submission Form

We're excited to launch Spelman College's official TikTok channel and we want to kick things off with your story! Please complete each field and add a link to your video so we can consider it for publication on our social media channels.