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View of Giles Hall and American flag through the alumnae arch

Spelman Student Government Association Town Hall Question & Answer Session With President Gayle 

On Feb. 22, 2024, the 82nd Spelman College Student Government Association presented a town hall with President Helene D. Gayle. This town hall was developed to provide an opportunity for Spelmanites to learn more about President Gayle, as well as an opportunity for her to learn what is on the hearts and minds of our students and to have the opportunity to hear directly from them. To ensure access for the entire student body, SSGA posted a recording of the town hall event on their Instagram account.

As part of the registration process, students could submit a question for President Gayle to answer. We could not address all questions in the allotted time, nor could every student attend. We have assembled this Question/Answer document that addresses pre-submitted questions. 

Many questions were duplicative; as such, we grouped questions and answers into themes and categories. Some questions addressed personal/ unique circumstances; in those instances, the student was contacted directly. 


Endowed $100 Million Gift & Financial Support for Students

  • How and when will the $100 million gift be used? Expand
  • What is an endowment and how is it used?Expand
  • Why can’t the money be used for scholarships now?Expand
  • How does Spelman College support the financial needs of its students?Expand

Housing Selection Process

  • Why did the College move away from guaranteeing housing to rising second-year students and how is the College working to address the demand for housing? Expand
  • What is the option for rising sophomores who applied for housing by the deadline but did not have an option to participate in housing selectionExpand
  • What steps is the College taking to improve communication and the Housing Selection process?Expand
  • Why does the College use a lottery system without preference for specific students (i.e., rising second year, students with disabilities, minor students)?Expand
  • I missed the housing application deadline. Can I still apply for on-campus/ College-Sponsored Housing?Expand
  • What resources exist for students who did not apply for housing or could not participate in the housing selection process?Expand

On-Campus Housing

  • Why did Spelman renovate the Rockefeller Fine Arts Building and build the Center for Innovation & Arts and not expand its on-campus residential capacity?Expand
  • How can we immediately help improve current dorm conditions?Expand
  • What is the expected timeline for the new housing?Expand

College-Sponsored Housing

  • What is College-Sponsored Housing?Expand
  • How will Spelman promote safety and cleanliness in College-Sponsored Housing? Expand
  • Can students who live in Spelman-Sponsored Housing have Meal Plans?Expand
  • Can I use my room and board scholarship for a meal plan in College-Sponsored housing?Expand
  • Why does Spelman admit more students than it can accommodate in on-campus housing?Expand
  • Why are the rates that were published to Spelman students during the housing lottery for Talbot and Gammon Halls higher than the rates on the Talbot and Gammon websites?Expand
  • How will Spelman support reliable and consistent transportation for students who live in College-Sponsored Housing?Expand

Academic Affairs


Spelman Athletics


Spelman's Position Statement

  • Why has the College not taken a position on the Israel/Palestine conflict?Expand
  • What is Spelman doing to actively participate in solidarity with #StopCopCity movement and the potential impact on future AUC students? Expand

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