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Spelpreneur Pitch Night Group

Startup Competition

Spelpreneur Empowers and Inspires Collegiate Entrepreneurs

In its continuing effort to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, the Spelpreneur program hosted its third annual Spelpreneur 10-Day Startup Competition from March 20-30, 2021.  Throughout the 10 days, aspiring entrepreneurs at Spelman honed the skills needed to advance through the process from problem identification to minimum viable product. Students formed teams; identified a unique problem; demonstrated how their idea presents the best solution to the problem; built a mock-up and business case; and pitched their “Shark Tank” style idea. 

The Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Even

"Lessening the Intensity of the 40-hour Work Week"

Even promotes working remotely by establishing balance between your work and personal life and maximizes work productivity.

Team Members
Vanessa Edokpayi
Alana Burrell
Brooklyn Reed
Spelpreneur 2021 Grand Prize Winner Even

1st Runner Up: Edquity       

"Providing Medical Universities With Easily Integratable DEI Courses"

The solution for medical schools looking to incorporate Health Equity training in their curriculum.

Team Members
Cheyenne Henry
Adia Haynes

Spelpreneur 2021 Winner Edquity

2nd Runner Up: Black Bazaar

"Bridging The Gap Between Black-Owned Businesses and Their Communities"

Black Bazaar makes it easier for local Black business owners and consumers to connect on a single platform.

Team Members
Oludayo Adebawo
Aisha Deolu-Sobogun

Spelpreneur 2nd Runner Up - Black Bazaar

3rd Runner Up:Tuitionly

"Helping Aspiring College Students Achieve Their Goals"

Providing Affordable Options and Making Access to Higher Education a Reality.

Team Member

Xandria Flores
Spelpreneur Third Runner Up Black Bazaar



Grand Prize - $5,000 per team

1st runner-up - $3,000 per team

2nd runner-up - $2,000 per team

3rd runner-up - $1,000 per team


10 Day Start-up Winners

Large Blue Quote LeftThis edition of the Spelpreneur 10 Day Startup Challenge was, hands down, the best one yet. The students’ talent was on full display as they focused on solving a wide-ranging and mature set of problems generally only seen in seasoned entrepreneurs. Additionally, they were able to establish relationships with professionals from some of the top companies in the world. The future is bright for these students, and I can’t wait to track their growth.

-- Joey Womack, SpelPreneur Pitch Competition Organizer and Founder of Goodie Nation and Amplify for Good


Congratulations to All of Our Participants

Team Greenlyfe

  • Paris Vincent
  • Kha'Zhir Stevenson

Team Village

  • Schuyler Winston
  • Ananda Jamison
  • Whitney Williams
  • Jordan Parker

Team Periodt

  • Briana Fewell
  • Jordan Parker

Large Blue Quote LeftEach year, the Spelpreneur 10-Day Startup Competition gets better and better. This year’s competition exceeded my expectations. Over the 10 days of the competition, students addressed problems that are on a national scale - ones that weren't just localized to their campus experience -- and developed solutions in a very methodical and well thought out manner. Mentors spent countless hours providing invaluable advice; and students advanced their ideas to a tangible product /service — what a sense of empowerment. I look forward to seeing what’s next for the students in their entrepreneurial journey.”

-- Sonya Rush, Strategic Business Leader and Lead Consultant for SpelPreneur





A’Nita Evans
Ala David
Allison Higgins
AmberNechole Hart
Andrea Morris
Ariam Sium
Ashley Lawrence
Bill Anderson
Brittaney Bethea
Charlotte Clark
Corey Weathers
Danielle Lomax
David Rossman
Deanna Griffin
Deborah Ayanna
Deloris (Dela) Wilson


DeSha Rogers-Givens
Eboni Bell
Hollis Baker
Jordan Smallwood
Joy Guerin
Justine Clarke
Kalah Haley
Kamilah Kiser
Kandyce Knight
Kenya Teague
Kimberlin Bolton
Kristen Jason
Lakeshia Tabb
Lori Culberson
Lorraine Dukes
Makazi Mtingwa

Manoj Tilve
Marquise Fleming
Maya Brooks
Phylicia Johnson
Rachel Hill
Robert Ellis
Sammantha Johnson
Sanni Youboty
Sophia Clay
Tagan Horton
Tamisha McQuilkin
Taylor McNeil
Tilia Parks
Tramaine Placide
Valencia Cooper
Zaineb Mubarak


How the Competition Worked

This program is like a hackathon spread over 10 days. In this fast-paced and immersive environment, student teams were taught new startup concepts each day and were expected to implement them immediately with the help of a combination of Spelman faculty/staff, Spelman alumnae entrepreneurs, and Atlanta-based women entrepreneurs who served as mentors. 

  • Teams were composed of a minimum of two members or a maximum of four members
  • Teams were not limited to a specific category of problems
  • Team members had to attend all required sessions to be eligible to compete on Pitch Night

blue-quote-leftEntrepreneurship and tech startups are all the rage for several different reasons, and so educational institutions have to prepare their students for the future," said Joey Womack, CEO of Amplify4Good, an Atlanta-based agency that produces hackathons and innovative programs to help organizations create social impact. Womack, served as producer and coach for Spelman’s startup competition, is correct. A 2014 Bentley University survey of millennials from ages 18 to 34 found that two-thirds are interested in starting their own businesses.End of Quote


Students Walked Away Empowered and Accomplished the Following:

  • Identified a specific, important and large problem
  • Learned how to develop a hypothesis of their target customer and quality feedback from customers and industry experts
  • Developed a mock-up and landing page
  • Created a revenue model outline with the ability to be implemented across multiple markets
  • Connected with mentors and expand networks

Next Steps: After the 10-day Competition, Then What? 

The Spelpreneur program has no requirement of the team as well as no obligation to the team after the competition.

If students want to move forward with an idea after the competition, to create an actual startup, they are advised to seek independent legal counsel to ensure the appropriate steps to move forward are fulfilled (such as the formation of a legal business entity or the structuring and execution of a partnership or operating agreement to govern matters amongst members.)

An attorney (Georgia Lawyers for the Arts) would also be a resource to provide the students with direction in protecting intellectual property created and conducting intellectual property clearance searches (trademark, patents, etc.).

Spelpreneur 10-Day Competition