Affirmative Action

A Statement from President Helene Gayle on the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action

We are deeply disappointed by the United States Supreme Court’s decision today to strike down affirmative action, which allowed colleges to consider race as a factor in their admissions policies. This ruling reverses generations of progress that opened the doors for Black and brown communities to have equal access to higher education at institutions of their choice. It also goes against the growing diversity of our nation and the importance of diversity for our democracy.

The impact of the Court’s decision does not end with college campuses. There are far-reaching implications that will also affect diversity across all sectors of our society. I look forward to working with my colleagues across HBCUs and MSIs to continue our legacies of providing access to quality education to Black and brown students.

We are reviewing the Supreme Court’s decision to determine the impact on our College.

Helene D. Gayle
President of Spelman College