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Your Generosity Will Help Spelman Women Change the World

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Spelman College would like to thank you, our generous donors, for your support. Now more than ever, the world needs people like you — people dedicated to making it possible for students to obtain an excellent, world-class liberal arts education created with them in mind. With your help, Spelman women will take their "Choice to Change the World" to greater heights.

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Why Give?

The choice to attend Spelman College presents a major financial challenge for many students. Currently, more than 85 percent of Spelman students meet federal guidelines for financial aid, but because Spelman’s ability to meet students' financial needs is limited, many students are forced to leave the College prior to graduating or take on a large amount of student loans.

Scholarships help bridge the gap between educational costs and unmet student needs. With the number of students applying for financial assistance steadily rising, increasing scholarship resources has become a top institutional priority. More scholarship dollars will enhance the College’s ability to offer competitive financial aid packages to attract and retain bright and talented young women.

Thank You, Donors!