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Summer Online Courses for Non-Spelman Students

Registration for Spelman’s summer online session is April 1, 2024 -
May 24, 2024. Registration for transient students to take up to two Spelman summer online courses application period is April l, 2024 - May 3, 2024. 

We are thrilled to open our online summer courses for the first time to all undergraduate students outside the current and incoming Spelman student body. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to join the Spelman community, earn college credit over the summer, and find out why we are consistently the #1 HBCU and Top 10 in several U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges lists.

sunWhy Take Summer Courses at Spelman College?

Great question! We think you'll find many benefits to taking Spelman's Summer Online Courses. Here are just a few:
  • Experience a virtual HBCU space
  • Learn a subject through different lens
  • Catch up, stay on track, move ahead
  • Spread out courses
  • Discover new passions
  • Meet new friends

"My time in African Diaspora & the World was a truly transformative and insightful experience. After my first semester, I felt more than ever challenged to seek out more about the world around me. I learned to be more critical of normally-held understandings of my place in the world. By my second semester, I constantly brought ideas from ADW into my everyday conversations. It felt almost impossible to engage with my environment in the same way I used to. I can truly say that ADW changed my way of looking and of being."

-- Osarugue Otebele, C’2021 --
Graduate Student at Dept. of Film and Media, UC Berkeley

Registration Deadlines & Cost

Registration Period

April 1, 2024 to May 24, 2024


One credit hour: $744
Two credit hours: $1,488
Three credit hours: $2,232
Four credit hours: $2,976

How to Register

Follow these steps to register for Summer Online Courses.

  1. Review the Course Offerings for Non-Spelman Students (PDF).
    • Must use your email address from your home institution.
    • Attach an Approved Transient Permission Form from your home institution to the application.
    • Submit a copy of your most recent official e-transcript from your home institution to Ms. Emily Foster at
  2. Once you receive a notice regarding your application, you will be provided with additional instructions for registration and payment.  

Course Offerings

We have courses for everyone! Summer is a great time to knock out core courses or find a new passion by exploring courses outside your major.




Political Science
Sociology & Anthropology


Environmental & Health Science


African Diaspora & the World
Chinese Studies
Comparative Women’s Studies

Right Brain-Left Brain

Summer Success Orientation

Join the self-paced SCOUP (Spelman College Online Undergraduate Program) Student Orientation to learn how to manage accelerated online learning and network with your peers.

Contact Us

Important Resources

Remote Learning Support
Student Access Center
Student Account Suite
Student Success Program
AUC Woodruff Library

Tech Support

Students enrolled in summer online classes at Spelman can contact Help Desk Support for technical assistance.

8 a.m-11 p.m. EDT