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Study Abroad Requirements

Pre-Departure Assessment for Study Abroad Students

* Required Field
Candid and thoughtful responses will be appreciated. Please note that your responses will not in any way affect the credit that you receive.
2. What are your expectations and objectives before attending this program/institution?
4. Did you find the pre-departure advising at Spelman helpful?
6. Did you attend any Spelman Study Abroad events?
If yes which, one(s) and how helpful were they?
Please indicate by selecting 0 (not helpful) to 5 (very helpful) in the drop down for the events you attended.
Please use the scale: 0 (not helpful) to 5 (very helpful).
9. Were you encouraged to use Spelman Study Abroad resources such as the website, online applications, or the Study Abroad Resource room?
11. Did you find the pre-departure orientation at Spelman adequate?
13. Were the pre-departure materials useful?
16. Did you find the semester study abroad office area welcoming?
17. Did you find semester study abroad staff helpful?
18. Have you recommended the Study Abroad office to others for semester study abroad?

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