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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Social Justice Fellows

Social Justice Scholar: Zahriah Sellers C'2025

Zahriah SellersZahriah Sellers is a U.S. Army military dependent who has lived in various parts of the world. She credits her international travel and frequent moves across the U.S. for her understanding of diverse cultures. Her most recent and final military move took her from the coastal waters of Hampton, Virginia, to the historic city of Atlanta and Spelman's campus to start her educational journey. She is a Sophomore Sociology-Anthropology major and Political Science minor. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school.

Over the summer, Zahriah conducted research on the Black Women's literary clubs of Atlanta, Georgia, such as the Utopian Literary Club, with Dr. Cynthia Spence of Spelman College, which increased her knowledge and understanding of the importance of literary clubs and how they shaped their surrounding communities working as change agents.
One of her goals is to shed light on historically overlooked groups of people regarding social justice movements, especially Black women. As the semester's progress, she will resume her in-depth sociological analysis of black women's literary clubs and highlight their overall importance to black social movements. She will continue her social justice advocacy journey as a Social Justice Associate and as a member of other advocacy causes like Unlocked Minds, a book club for prison women inmates.

I am social justice…

blue-quote-left…because a part of me has always known that I would be a change agent for the marginalized. At the core and main goal of social justice are human rights. This means an equal and equitable society, ensuring that people are treated with dignity and respect, and conducting all social justice matters through an intersectional lens so that no one is left behind.