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Gappling With History

Grappling With History Conversation Series

How it all Began

A group of Spelman faculty gathered at the end of Spring 2020 semester and during the early months of the summer to ponder and discuss this moment of disruption, disarray, and change.

We thought about what books, podcasts, films, studies, novels, plays, visual art -- however ideas are created, shared, discussed and debated -- would be critical for asking questions about this time in history.

We knew better than to fix Spring 2020 as a beginning...or an end.  We knew we were working with a moving target, so we vowed to add to the list as times unfold.

We also asked ourselves how would events outside of the classrooms shape how we teach? The conversations we have with students? The conversations we have with each other? To repeat a phrase some of us grew up hearing, we "sat" in the times and began to plan a reading list, IBQC seminars, and a community conversations series called "Conversations on the Porch."

Grappling With History Reading List