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Health Careers Program

Spelman’s Pipeline of Compassionate Healthcare Workers

Health Careers at Spelman CollegeIt’s certainly understandable why there is an inherent distrust of medicine and medical professionals in the Black community. When you look at the history of injustice and malpractice towards the Black community in medicine — most notably the Tuskegee Syphilis Study — this hesitance is clear.

We must look to a future where the Black community is embraced and respected by the field of medicine, particularly with compassionate care. We believe compassionate care begins with representation and empowerment, embodied by the Spelman Health Careers Program, to improve health outcomes for all.

Bridging the Gap

At Spelman, we believe it is our responsibility to address the inequities in medicine by putting well–trained professionals out into the medical field. Since 1971 our Health Careers program has assisted more than 800 students in gaining admission to prestigious/allied health professional institutions. Now partnering with Kaplan, we are able to advance more and better-qualified young women into the professional/allied health professional schools of medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, optometry, podiatry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and graduate health programs.

Providing Information as a Foundation

Health InformaticsOur Health Careers Program helps pre-medical students gain access to a wide repository of information to create a solid foundation for training. This foundational work includes visits to healthcare facilities and professional schools as well as lectures from guest speakers. This exposure to a variety of topics in the medical field allows students to identify facilities where students can participate in academic research/enrichment. We also offer a number of additional training opportunities within our Health Careers program including:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Professional and Speech Workshops
  • Spelman Women in Science and Health Shadowing Program (WISH)
  • Development of Professional Schools Articulation Agreements
  • Professional Schools Application Workshops (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, etc.)
  • Networking and Leadership opportunities

Learning By Doing: Shadowing Opportunities

Spelman HealthcareWe believe that one of the best ways for students to get first-hand experience is by getting the opportunity to shadow medical professionals so they can see medical practice in the real world. This on-the-ground experience in Spelman’s Women in Science & Health (WISH) Shadowing Program lets them see how medical professionals interact with patients so they can apply these compassionate healthcare practices into their future careers. We offer a practicum and shadowing meet-and-greet so students can learn about these opportunities, get involved, and practice their networking skills.

Practicing Medicine Around the World

As a part of the Health Careers program, students have the chance to learn about medical practices around the world. Twenty-two Spelman students recently completed a trip to Trinidad and Tobago to do just that. Jodian Grant, a program participant had this to say about her experience: “I had the opportunity to engage in a conversation focused on health disparities that affect the residents of the island. Gaining a political perspective and an understanding of how policies are put in place to promote health equity was extremely interesting.”

Preparing for the Future

Our Health Careers program partners with a number of prestigious medical institutions including Morehouse, Vanderbilt, Emory and more. In the program, students can choose to pursue the Early Acceptance Program allowing them to be accepted early without having to take the required examinations. This allows students to gain acceptance to a school early on in their undergraduate career, which focuses their entire undergraduate program towards that goal.

Being Compassionate and Being Prepared

Spelman not only wants to put out well-prepared students into the medical field, but also students who are compassionate and grounded. We back up this goal by giving students all the tools and resources they need to be successful while still maintaining focus on the all-important compassionate care. See how Spelman’s alumna and Healthcare Heroes are currently making a difference in the medical world.

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