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Research Day Student

Research Day Chairs

Research Day 2022 Quad-Chairs

  • Andrea Johnson
    Andrea Johnson, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer and information sciences, is a researcher who has gotten much joy from seeing people experience technology and innovation. By always pushing to ask the hard "why" questions and thinking about consumers' needs and goals, she strives to ensure products and experiences positively impact people's lives.
  • Spelman Professor Dorian Brown Crosby Pens New Book
    Dorian Brown Crosby, Ph.D., C'91, assistant professor of political science at Spelman College, is recipient of Spelman's 2017 Vulcan Teaching Award and published her first book, "Somalis in the Neo-South: African Immigration, Politics and Race," in December 2020.
  • Spelman Dance Professor Kathleen Wessel
    Kathleen Wessel, senior lecturer of dance performance and choreography at Spelman, teaches dance writing, theory, composition and technique courses. She also directs the Spelman Dance Theatre and curates “Studio Sessions,” the Department of Dance Performance and Choreography's master class series.
  • Rebecca Kumar
    Rebecca Kumar, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of English. She specializes in cinema and visual culture with an emphasis on global queer and feminist film. She also has scholarly interests in comparative ethnic studies, particularly Afro-Asian relations, and the emerging field of Brown Studies. Her published work appears in "Thirty Years After: New Essays on Vietnam War Literature, Film, and Art,” “Early Modern Black Diaspora Studies," and the Barnard Center for Research on Women’s digital publication, "Scholar & Feminist Online.





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