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Historical Overview

Spelman Launches the Wellness Revolution

On Nov. 1, 2012, Spelman College transitioned into a new era of what was referred to as the “Wellness Revolution.” This transition was designed to encourage the campus community to live a healthier lifestyle while improving their overall health and well being. The specific focus was to engage students in physical activity, reinforce the importance of eating well, and reiterate the need to get sufficient sleep.

Prior to this period, Spelman maintained an active athletics program which supported seven sports including volleyball, cross country, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf and softball.  These competitive
athletic activities played an integral role in the development of the total student.

Read HallA New Wellness Curriculum is Adopted

For the Wellness Revolution to be fully realized, the College phased out the Department of Physical Education and replaced it with a vibrant Wellness curriculum designed to focus more on mind, body and spirit activities such as yoga, meditation, women’s fitness boxing, strength training, power walking and jogging, cardio tennis, aqua fitness, and cardiovascular conditioning, to name a few. The courses are designed to teach students how to incorporate physical activity into their day-to-day lives; and each student is required to take two wellness classes for pass/fail credit in order to fulfill her graduation requirement.

New Wellness Facility is Equipped to Support the College's Wellness Goals

During the Wellness Revolution, Spelman built a state-of-the-art Wellness Center that is fully equipped to support the needs of the campus community. The new Wellness Center at Read Hall features MAC Courts, multipurpose rooms, a designated indoor /cycling room and a heated pool. It also has an indoor track and a teaching kitchen and cooking classroom.

The Wellness Center at Read Hall, which supports all the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, financial and occupational dimensions of wellness, continues to provide the Spelman community with resources that support health and wellness at every level.

Spelman Introduces New Intramural Program

In the fall of 2016, the Wellness department implemented Spelman's Intramural Sports Program. The program affords students, faculty and staff numerous opportunities to play organized sports in a recreational and competitive atmosphere, learn new sports skills, and recreate in a social environment. By design, all of the intramural activities and events enhance teamwork, sportsmanship,leadership, and help participants grow socially, physically and mentally.

Spelman's goal is to continue to improve the Wellness program by providing wellness education and services that benefit students, faculty and staff. This will not only improve health outcomes, but also prepare our students to be wellness champions for years to come and in communities beyond the College's gates.

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