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Graduates singing hymn

The Spelman Hymn

The Spelman Hymn was written by Spelman student, Eddye Mae Money in 1933. Officially adopted as the school’s hymn in 1934, the Spelman Hymn is sung at all ceremonial events on campus, as well as convocations and chapel exercises. It is also sung at the conclusion of other special College and alumnae events and chapter meetings of the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College (NAASC).

Listen to the Spelman Hymn


Spelman, thy name we praise
Standards and honor raise,
We‟ll ever faithful be
Throughout eternity.
May peace with thee abide
And God forever guide
Thy heights supreme and true.
Blessings to you.

Through years of toil and pain
May thy dear walls remain
Beacons of heavenly light,
Undaunted by the fight;
And when life‟s race is won,
Thy noble work is done,
Oh God, forever bind
Our hearts to thine.

Spelman Hymn Words and Music by 
Eddye Money Shivery, C’34

Eddye Money Shivery