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Spelman College Healthcare Heroes

Spelman's Healthcare Heroes

Spelman Messenger Fall 2019Combating gun violence, tackling the AIDS/HIV crisis, addressing health disparities in Black and marginalized communities –– these are just some of the ways Spelman alumnae have forged their careers in STEM with their passions for social change.

The “Healing Hands” cover of the Spelman College Messenger features Drs. Loren Robinson Abebe, Hazel D. Dean, Juvonda Hodge, Lezli Levene Harvell, and Deborah Prothrow-Stith, who are examples of the endless possibility that amasses when one pairs their “Choice to Change the World” with medicine and health. In their respective careers, these Spelman women are shaping and shifting the ways a STEM-related liberal arts education can alleviate health inequity, analyze the social and structural determinants that affect health, cure diseases within at-risk communities, and increase Black women’s representation in healthcare and medicine.

Each of these alumnae have made innovative changes in their fields, some even shifting the organizational structure of their disciplines to promote “pipelines” and opportunities for more women of color to enter these professions. Passionate and ardent about their work, their dreams of being healthcare professionals and researchers began at a young age. As you will learn, they brought their budding interests in the sciences to Spelman, which blossomed into full-fledged careers and leading initiatives.

These women are being featured for their timeless work and dedication to the upliftment of their communities both within and outside of their careers. Through philanthropic endeavors, promoting equal access to health services, regardless of one’s race, socioeconomic or health status, or seeking to understand how institutional racism and oppression affect health disparities, these Spelman sisters truly represent selflessness and advocacy for the greater good. 
Spelman Student Studies in GreeceAccording to a National Science Foundation report, Spelman College is ranked as the No. 1 baccalaureate institution of origin for Black Ph.D.s in science and engineering. Also, according to the Spelman College Fact Book, 34% of the College’s student body pursued majors in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics, environmental science or engineering (dual degree program), and 25% of graduates received degrees in STEM disciplines. To honor some of the many STEM graduates of Spelman, we have comprised a list of healthcare professionals to highlight their achievements. These healthcare professionals include administrators, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, psychiatrists, and physicians who dedicate their lives to elevating the physical, mental and spiritual well being of others.

Expand the arrow to the right of each healthcare category below to view listings. Alumnae whose names are hyperlinked are also speakers or panelists at the Spelman College Heathcare Summit on Oct. 24-25.

Add to Our List of Healthcare Heroes

There are hundreds of Spelman College healthcare stars who are changing the world. If you are featured on this list compiled by the Spelman Messenger staff, we celebrate you and your accomplishments, as well as thank you for your contributions to providing healthcare to those in need. Feel free to share your information with us using the form on this page.
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We want to hear from Spelman alumnae in the healthcare industry. Please let us know what you are doing now and how your experience at Spelman informed your choices.   

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