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Sexual & Gender Based Discrimination

Spelman is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination, unlawful harassment and sexual violence. Sexual and gender based violence are terms used to describe a broad range of behaviors, including but not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. For complete definitions and examples, please see below for the Spelman College Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct, Gender Based Harassment and Relationship Violence.

Prohibited Conduct

  • ExpandSexual Harassment
  • ExpandNon-Consensual Sexual Contact; or attempts to commit same
  • ExpandNon-Consensual Sexual Penetration; or attempts to commit same
  • ExpandSexual Exploitation
  • ExpandDating Violence
  • ExpandDomestic Partner Violence
  • ExpandStalking
  • ExpandRetaliation

Other Misconduct Offenses When Sex or Gender-Based

  • ExpandThreatening or causing physical harm
  • ExpandDiscrimination
  • ExpandIntimidation
  • ExpandHazing
  • ExpandBullying
  • ExpandCyberbullying

For reference to the pertinent state statutes on sex offenses, please see the 2017 Official Code of Georgia.


Title IX Report An Incident REPORT AN INCIDENT


Title IX Office

24-Hour Confidential
Response Line


Title IX Contacts


Sexual Misconduct Brochures

For Complainants (PDF)
For Respondents (PDF)
Safety Planning (PDF)