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AKA Sorority at Spelman NSO

Sorority Life

Spelman Sigma Gamma Rho SororitySororities on Spelman's Campus

Spelman AKA SororitySorority life is a fun and memorable part of the Spelman College experience. Our sororities are distinctive communities that support the academic mission of the college by enhancing student learning, scholarship and service. Membership in a sorority can be like having a home away from home as sororities expand the bonds of sisterhood in our community.

The primary purpose of sorority life at Spelman College is to assist each member with realizing their intellectual, social, physical, and artistic talents and gifts. Spelman sororities are very committed to academic achievement and academic excellence. All sorority chapters are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative and semester grade point average.

Leadership andSpelman Delta Sorority service are part of the core values of the Spelman experience. Spelman sororities are committed to leadership and service both on campus and within the greater Atlanta community. In addition, students involved in sorority life develop leadership skills valued by employers and graduate and professional schools, including self-confidence, leadership, scholarship, interpersonal competence, and communication skills. We invite you to explore sorority life — an action oriented community of leaders focused on learning, leadership, scholarship and service.

Eligibility Criteria for Sorority Life

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria to participate in sorority membership intake processes: 

  1. Be a full-time enrolled student of sophomore status with 30 or more credit hours.
  2. Transfer students must complete 12 or more credit hours at Spelman College prior to a membership intake process. Domestic Exchange students must have completed 12 or more credit hours at Spelman College to be eligible.
  3. Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average at the time of Greek Forum. This will be verified with the Registrar’s Office the Monday following Greek Forum.
  4. Be in good judicial standing.
  5. Be in good financial standing with Spelman College as determined by the Office of Student Accounts. Students must have a zero balance or be current in either the three- or ten-month semester pay plan by the due dates below.

    Three-month Plan Due Dates
    • July 30
    • September 29
    • October 30
    • December 19
    • February 26
    • March 30
    Ten-month Plan Due Dates
    • June 27
    • July 30
    • August 28
    • September 29
    • October 30
    • November 28
    • December 30
    • January 29
    • February 26
    • March 30
    If a student is in expectation of a scholarship, it must be posted to the student’s account by the Monday following Greek Forum.
  6. Record of participation in Fall or Spring Greek Forum*. Greek Forum must be attended within the academic year that one wishes to go through the membership intake process.
  7. Completed organization and application processes.

*Spelman students who are currently participating in Study Abroad or Domestic Exchange programs at other institutions must be able to participate in Greek Forum and all intake activities in order to be eligible to engage in sorority membership intake processes.