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Inglish Hills Wins HBCU Pitch Competition 25K

December 2021

Spelman Senior Inglish Hills Launches Save Cycle Company

Inglish Hills, C'2022, recently competed in Bearway Capital's HBCU New Venture Competition and will receive up to $25,000 in seed funding and continuous mentoring for Save Cycle -- her innovative company that rethinks recycling for consumers and repurposes material handling. To bring her entrepreneurial dream to fruition, Hills worked tirelessly in Spelman's Innovation Lab to create 3D assets, mobile app design and a go-to-market strategy. She also attended the Blackstone Launchpad X Spelpreneur Bootcamp session with Nakia Melecio. 

A graduating senior majoring in sociology on the pre-law track, Hills is a transfer student who began her secondary education in California at Las Positas Community College, where she earned an associate's degree in criminal justice administration. She was the president of the Black Student Union from 2017 to 2019, and after transferring to Spelman in Fall 2019, the Bay Area native became the community service chair of the National Action Network's Spelman College branch. 

In Her Own Words . . .

Large Blue Quote LeftAs I reflect on my journey through Spelman, I acknowledge my path has been anything but traditional. As a first-generation and transfer student,   getting to Spelman was not easy and I credit my family for always believing in me. From Sisters Chapel to the Innovation Lab to my professors, Spelman has helped me shape my future, but it has also shown me that I have the perseverance and potential to do far more than I ever deemed possible. After losing my twin brother, I was lost, but Spelman has given me the opportunity to find myself again. This is a lesson of self-actualization that I try to give back to young girls in my community, I want to share the same passion and resilience, to let them know that they are capable and destined for greatness.  As I prepare to graduate, I happily leaveLarge Blue Quote Right Spelman as a better woman, community advocate, and entrepreneur. 

Hills has been lauded for establishing a multifaceted program that makes recycling more convenient. Her goal is to make incentive-based recycling simple, convenient and profitable in order to raise recycling rates. Her brainchild -- Save Cycle -- is a technology firm that combines a mobile app with low-energy recycling devices. Consumers deposit recyclables and scan a QR code to obtain instant funds that may be deposited directly to their bank accounts with Save-Cycle. The company makes recycling on the go accessible for everyone.

"If we want to beat climate change, we need to emphasize convenience, use current technology, and use money as an incentive for people and corporations to save." Hills said. 

Hills has always valued service and welcomes the opportunity to give back to her community -- which is what inspired  her to start Save Cycle. She likes to remind her peers and supporters that saving resources, preventing pollution, promoting public health, and creating jobs are all benefits of recycling. In addition to offering benefits to businesses and consumers, Save Cycle creates environmental solutions.