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Student Life: Religious Life

Spelman College Sisters Chapel

Sisters Chapel

Welcome to Sisters Chapel – the religious and spiritual center of Spelman College.  Dedicated in 1927, Sisters Chapel has become a transformative space for thinking women of faith who seek to integrate the mind and the spirit as they engage the world and become global leaders. 

In fulfillment of the Spelman mission, for almost a century, the Chapel has hosted renowned national and world leaders who have helped to nurture generations of Spelman women for leadership and service. 

The Chapel has also been a sacred space for music, healing, inspiration, and reflection, serving as a memorial site in 1968, where the body of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lay in state for 48 hours.

Wisdom Center Plaque

Wisdom Center BooksSisters Chapel embodies both a history and 21st century spirituality of resistance and resilience that encourages women across the world to stand in solidarity with each other on behalf of equality and justice.  As a leader in bringing to the forefront issues of importance to women of African descent in 2006 Sisters Chapel through its WISDOM Center hosted the historic Sisters of African Descent: Connecting Spirituality, Religion, and Vocation Global Conference. In February 2013 the Chapel published its first anthology, funded by the Lilly Endowment titled, If I Do What Spirit Says Do: Black Women, Vocation, and Community Survival.    

As the center for human flourishing and ethical leadership development, the Dean of the Chapel supported by Student Chapel Assistants and Art Ministry Leaders, offers a weekly Sunday worship service held at 10:00 a.m. in Sisters Chapel. 

Worship services are supported by praise singers, spoken word artists, musicians, and African, Mime, and Liturgical dancers.  Sermons encourage students to grow spiritually and to think critically about personal identity formation, international affairs, social change, ethical leadership, civility, and young adulthood and faith.  In addition, student leaders provide words of encouragement and wisdom during our Sunday student expressions and campus ministry worship services.