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Sisters Chapel Programs

Interfaith Programs

Interfaith Student Council

The Interfaith Student Council consists of faculty, staff and students of various faiths. The Council gives leadership to the coordination of all Interfaith programs sponsored by Sisters Chapel. Interfaith programs include the Annual Moment of Grace Interfaith Prayers Brunch, a Ramadan Iftar, a Diwali Festival and Interfaith conversations.

Annual Moment of Grace Interfaith Prayer Breakfast  Brunch

The interfaith prayer breakfast brunch includes participation from the various faith traditions represented on the campus of Spelman College. The Prayer breakfast constitutes a time of blessings and intercessory prayer that enables the entire college community to pause under the sovereignty of God to commence the academic year and to remember the tragedy of Sept.11, 2001. 

Ramadan Iftar Ramadan Iftar

Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. During this time, Muslims all over the world are in a complete fast as they devote to God and reflect on their spiritual journey. It is a time to strengthen community and family through the daily practice of Iftar – breaking the fast when evening comes. Sisters Chapel unites with Muslim members of the Spelman community by coordinating Iftar meals on campus. 

Interfaith Conversations

Interfaith conversations provide an opportunity for faculty, staff, students and guests to share information about their faith tradition with the Spelman community.

Diwali FestivalDiwali Festival (Hindu Festival of Lights)

Diwali, also called Deepavali or Divali, is a major Hindu festival that is very significant in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. Known as the "Festival of Lights," it symbolises the victory of good over evil, and lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for mankind. Diwali is a five-day celebration which occurs between mid-October and mid-November.

Sunday Worship Services

Join us every Sunday during the academic school year for our weekly Sunday worship service at 1 p.m. in Sisters Chapel.