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Student Life: LEADS at Spelman

LEADS at Spelman

Women of Excellence Leadership Series Graduates

The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (LEADS) at Spelman College presents the Women of Excellence Leadership (WEL) Series graduates who have successfully completed the certificate program designed to train students for leadership roles in the global community. This powerful series—developed in keeping with the College’s objective to cultivate change agents for a civil and just society—features leadership experts, entrepreneurs, noted faculty, community leaders, and prominent corporate partners as leadership development agents for WEL participants.

2014 WEL Graduates

Abellard, Natasha, C’2014
Barry, Jainabou, C’2015
Bookman, Sharee, C’2014
Botts, Brittany,  C’2015
Danielkebir, Bouchra, C’2015
Boyce, Cheyenne, C’2014
Carter, Danyelle, C’2015
Ealey, Ain, C’2014
Edwards, Earyn, C’2014
Falcone, Chelsea, C’2014
Faulk, Deborwah, C’2014
Gillyard, KaNesha, C’2014
Hall, Marjani, C’2014
Jenkins, Berkley, C’2014
Jones, Jillian, C’2014
Jordan, Daria, C’2015
Lake, Shanteal, C’2014
Lancaster, Yauntilaa, C’2014
Longcrier, Jahira, C’2015
Mells, Kendra, C’2014
Morton, Neah, C’2014
Nethels, Jasmine, C’2014
Norris,Yanesia, C’2014
Oyewole, Kemi, C’2014
Porter, Faith, C’2014
Rooks, Alyssa, C’2014
Sha-Hanna, Saffold, C’2015
Scott, Houston, C’2014
Simonton, Alexandria, C’2015
West, Shanice C’2014
White, Jaynell, C’ 2014
Williams, Jamie, C’2014


Keynote Speakers

Deborah J. Richardson
Executive Vice President
National Center for Civil and Human Rights

John H. Eaves, Ph.D
Fulton County, Georgia
(District 1, at-large)