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Spelman Independent Scholars

The Age Quiz

The Age Quiz is a gift from PSY200C/SIS Oral History at Spelman College. It is a fun quiz that breaks all the rules. It is different from most quizzes because it opens not only the lenses of race, gender, class, and orientation, but also the lenses of AGE, color, size, height and various physical characteristics that identify people as them so that they are not mistaken for us. 

The Age Quiz has no regard for organization because it goes when and where it wants to go, in part because it shovels in the soil of assumptions about “other people” who have been in our thinking down through the centuries.

That’s a long, long time, which is why we need to begin so that we can finish today.

P.S. If there are fun statements you would like to add to this fun quiz, you can’t. This is a one-time quick quiz with which Young Scholars are beginning their study of all those injustices that will direct our study this semester. I say “all” because they are “so many.”  Enjoy!