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Spelman SHAPE

Student Health Associates and Peer Educators (SHAPE)

SHAPE logoMission

The mission of SHAPE is to improve the lives of African American women by engaging Spelman College students, Atlanta University schools and the surrounding community in dialogue and frank discussions about health and living healthy lifestyles for positive outcomes. 

The SHAPE mission is accomplished through creative and innovative strategies incorporating education and information on chronic diseases, nutrition and fitness, Women’s Health, HIV/AIDS/STI’s and abstinence.  

SHAPE understands that Black women are an integral part of Black families, the community and ultimately the world, and we are committed to keeping Black women strong and healthy for years to come.

SHAPE Consists of

  • Students committed to health education and prevention
  • Advisers committed to the mission of SHAPE

SHAPE Members are Educated in

  • HIV/AIDS/STIs/Abstinence education
  • Women’s health conditions such as breast cancer and contraception
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Chronic diseases
  • Programming and presentations

SHAPE Duties are to

  • Promote good health for Spelman College students and the community
  • Serve as health advocates in promoting wellness
  • Help prevent the spread of diseases and infections through education and information
  • Serve are peer counselors to fellow classmates, students, and friends

Member Responsibilities

  • Make SHAPE a priority while at Spelman College
  • Attend all meetings
  • Participate in all training sessions
  • Support all SHAPE events

SHAPE’s Member Commitment

It is imperative to the success of SHAPE that all members are committed to the mission of the organization. This includes training, meetings, self-education, creativity, dedication, passion and intuitiveness.

SHAPE members are expected to deliver accurate and informative information about different health topics at any time. Membership in this premier peer education organization is an honor because the knowledge, information, skills, and life-long friendships are gained outside the classroom.


SHAPE strives to improve the lives of women. All too often, women grow up without the basic knowledge required to maintain healthy and safe lifestyles. 

Spelman College is part of the largest consortium of historically Black colleges and universities. Consequently, members of SHAPE believe it is their responsibility to educate Spelman women on health issues that disproportionately affect African Americans. SHAPE also understands that Black women are integral elements in the development of families, communities and the world and must remain healthy and strong.

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MacVicar Hall
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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