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Groups and Workshops

Workshops are open to all Spelman students. The Fall 2020 schedule will be provided.


Love All the Way Through

"Love All the Way Through" is a workshop series to support your self-love journey. Join us in the practice of self-love, on the daily and when it might feel impossible to do. Self-love takes on many forms: operating from a space of empowerment, navigating relationships in a way that preserves the self, loving ourselves always and maintaining the constant understanding that we are enough. 

Post Traumatic Growth

"Post Traumatic Growth" is a  group to support you in your journey towards healing after a major life crisis or a traumatic event. The ability to connect with people who provide active, attentive, and compassionate listening can foster a sense of one's own strength. The group will offer a new lens to explore yourself in the shadows of trauma. 

Healing Circle

The "Healing Circle" is a grief support group in collaboration with the Wisdom Center. This group is for the students who are journeying through life while living with loss and change.This group will provide a space to determine what works best for you, while learning ways to cope and continue forward. Expressive Arts and Mindfulness included.   

Wind Down Wednesday Mindfulness

"Wind Down Wednesday Mindfulness" is an interactive, mind-body based process that helps to manage thoughts, feelings, and tune out the non-stop commotion of the day. You will learn how to be in the moment by pausing, breathing, and turning inward. Expressive Arts and Mindfulness Movement included. 

For more information contact the Counseling Center at 404-270-5293 or