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Please plan to join us for the following 2018-19 calls.

Please join the conference from your computer, tablet or smartphone using Zoom. Detailed information about how to join will be emailed prior to each call.
All calls are at 9 p.m. EST.

SCPFA Presidents

Kay Carney-Filmore, Ph.D.
Kay Carney-Filmore SCPFA Co-Chair

Vaughn Filmore
Vaughn Filmore, SCPFA Co-Chair


We are thrilled to be expanding our engagement with the Spelman community and are pleased to serve as the Presidents of the Spelman College Parents and Family Association (SCPFA).

Developing a Long-lasting Relationship

Our journey with Spelman actually started in 2011 when our daughter entered through the institution's historic gates as an eager first-year student. From day one, we sought out ways in which we could be active parents and supporters of this stellar institution.

Fast forward ... our daughter graduated four years later in May of 2015, in a beautiful ceremony that will be forever etched in our hearts. Our daughter has matriculated to graduate school, and people are intrigued by the fact that we, as parents, are still active at Spelman, even though we no longer have a daughter attending the institution.

Connecting With Parents Around the World

The decision to remain active with the Spelman community as parents was easy. We adore Spelman and recognize how uniquely special Spelman women are -- so much so that we want to connect with parents across the nation and abroad to show our collective support of Spelman, and the young ladies who are continuing its legacy of excellence.

If you are not already a member of the SCPFA, we encourage you to join today! You will have opportunities to meet and engage with other parents within your respective regions; hear from Spelman leadership on regularly scheduled conference calls; have a point-of-contact (referred to as a Regional Director) within your region ; receive invitations to attend Spelman events in your region as well as at the College and more!

Reaping the Benefits of Your Participation

You will also have opportunities to volunteer at campus events such as New Student Orientation and Family Weekend. And equally as important, you will have a voice through the SCPFA that will be heard when you have issues or concerns.

The SCPFA also assists Spelman with fundraising. The bottom line is, the more money we can help the College raise, the more money that will be available for much needed scholarships and student financial support. There is nothing more painful than to hear of students who are only months away from graduation, but who risk having their dream of graduating cut short because they have a tuition balance  that, for circumstances beyond their control, cannot be paid. Spelman  attracts the “best and the brightest” prospective students; however, if financial support is not available, some students must relinquish the space that was meant for them.

Supporting the College Yields Major Returns

Do we ask Spelman parents to make financial gifts? Of course we do. However, the gift can be of any size. Whether its $2,500, $250 or $25, every gift counts! Having 100% participation from parents also makes a STRONG statement to corporations and potential donors when the College is seeking foundation grants and other forms of business and private sector gifts. When there is a show of commitment from the Spelman parent community, it helps to “make the case” for major gifts.

Giving can be as easy as making a single annual gift, or having a set amount automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Imagine: if you give $25 per month, it equals $300 per year. If you multiply that by your student’s average class size of 525 families, that equals a minimum of $157,000 raised per year that can go toward financial aid allocations. Our Spelman daughters are worth every penny raised because they are ALL our daughters.

Welcoming a New Generation of Spelman Scholars

Every August, we’ll welcome a new cohort of talented young ladies to the Spelman sisterhood. Regions will host a variety of “welcoming” activities such as ice-cream socials, luncheons, picnics, etc., for new students and their families over the summer. You will hear from your Regional Director about the event planned for your area.

Lastly, we strongly encourage the participation of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, or whomever represents a strong male presence in the student’s life. SCPFA is not for women, it is for families. When we work together, we are stronger, together.


Kay Carney-Filmore, Ph.D and Vaughn Filmore
Presidents, Spelman College Parent and Family Association

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