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Spelman College Commencement

Graduation Checklist

Have you completed the graduation checklist? These are the items that you MUST complete in order to participate in Commencement!

2022 Deadlines

Dec. 1 |  Deadline for Application to Graduate and Senior Verification Form for both December 2022 and May 2023 candidates for graduation*

Dec. 1 |  Deadline to complete Clearance Process for December 2022 candidates for graduation

Dec. 05-16 | Deadline to complete First Destination Survey for December 2022 candidates for graduation*

2023 Deadlines

Jan. 23 |  Deadline for receipt of CLEP Examination results.
Results received after this date may affect your eligibility to participate in Commencement

April 28 | Deadline to complete Senior Survey*

April 17-28
| Deadline to complete First Destination Survey for May 2023 candidates for graduation*

April 28 |  Deadline to complete Clearance Process for May 2023 candidates for graduation*

May 19  |  Class Day
May 20  |  Baccalaureate Ceremony
May 21  |  Commencement Ceremony

* This item MUST be completed prior to graduation

You may check your progress in Degree Works.


Photography and Videography Release

Please be aware that photographers and members of the media will be taking photographs and filming Spelman's Commencement activities. Your presence at the ceremonies constitutes your release, permission, and consent to be photographed and/or recorded. Pictures and/or recordings of you may appear in future printed materials and online, including in commercially available publications.

If you do not wish to be photographed and/or recorded, please be aware of the presence of photographers and members of the media and take steps to avoid contact.