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 Leadership Advisory Board

Kayla Lee, Ph.D., IBM Quantum

Product Manager, Community Partnerships, IBM Quantum

Kayla LeeKayla Lee, Ph.D., is a growth product manager at IBM Quantum. In this capacity, she leads strategic initiatives to grow the open source Qiskit Community with new global partnerships, designs engagement opportunities to provide skill development and technical exploration, and creates pathways to a diverse and equitable quantum workforce. She is motivated to make complex, scientific topics like quantum computing and emerging technology not only accessible, but also engaging. Dr. Lee partners with students, researchers and clients worldwide to address technical challenges with new computing technologies.

Dr. Lee joined IBM Quantum in 2018 as an industry consultant, where she worked with several Fortune 500 companies to explore potential quantum computing applications across industries, including healthcare and life sciences, financial services, and media and entertainment.

Dr. Lee holds a bachelor of science degree in molecular biology from Hampton University and a doctorate in systems biology from Harvard University.

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