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 Leadership Advisory Board

Bruce Birren, Ph.D., Broad Institute

Director of the Genomic Center for Infectious Diseases, Broad Institute

Bruce BirrenBruce Birren, Ph.D., is an institute scientist at the Broad Institute. As director of the Genomic Center for Infectious Diseases, his research focuses on developing and applying new laboratory and computational methods for genome analysis across a wide variety of organisms. He founded the Broad's Diversity Initiative and an institute-wide mentoring program.

As a master facilitator for the National Research Mentoring Network and the Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research, Dr. Birren studies and facilitates workshops on research mentorship, focusing on culturally aware mentoring. He works with organizations and institutions to promote inclusion and develop an awareness of how aspects of our identities influence opportunities and experiences within the culture of science and perpetuate overrepresentation in research careers of specific groups at others' expense.

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