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Spelman Granddaughters Club

Granddaughters Club: Celebrating Our Legacy


Founded in 1910 by Lucy Houghton Upton (Dean and Acting President, 1891-1910) the Granddaughters Club was originally comprised of students whose mothers and aunts attended Spelman. Membership in the club is now extended to students whose mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins who attended Spelman.


The purpose of the Club is to study and preserve Spelman’s history and traditions. One of the officers of the Club is the custodian who serves as the archivist of the College. The Granddaughters are the keepers of all information connected with memorial names of buildings, rooms, trees, plants, furniture or permanent possessions. They are to pass on to new students the traditions of the school, and especially to keep solemn the promise made that no Spelman woman would ever bring reproach upon her name.

Honoring the Spelman Legacy

Joslyn Jackson, C'96