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Award Procedures

  • The Financial Aid office will review the student files for accuracy and completeness.

    A complete file consists of the following:  a signed FAFSA or Electronic SAR, admittance to college as a regular student, and all other documents (tax return transcript, birth certificates, etc.) requested by the Financial Aid Office.

    Please be sure to complete the Verification Worksheet requested for your file. Access and complete ONLY the form you need for your file. You may upload requested documents to our Etrieve system only, hardcopies, email or faxes are not accepted.

  • Students who must submit additional information for corrections will be mailed an updated awarded letter.

  • Students whose files are accurate and complete will be sent an Award Letter explaining the types and amounts of aid they are eligible to receive, as well as directions concerning how the aid will be distributed.

  • All students must complete a FAFSA form in order to receive federal aid, including Federal Stafford Student Loan and or Federal PLUS loan. The FAFSA is not needed for Private Loans.

  • Loans are electronically transmitted to the lender; the "Master Promissory Note" (MPN) can be completed online. Please electronically complete and sign the MPN. The student and PLUS loan MPN must be completed at least once during the student's four year matriculation.

  • Students and/or parents obtaining loans from an outside lending agency must contact those agencies for applications, school certification forms, and promissory notes.

  • Loan funds are sent to the school, via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the student's account. The lender will not disburse any loan funds without a complete and signed MPN.

  • If additional scholarship funds come in after award/disbursement of funds, those awards may be adjusted (i.e. reduced or taken away) to prevent an over-award situation.

  • Award letters are printed in batch and mailed every week.
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